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Christina Sjahli. Founder of Profit Reimagined providing Fractional CFO Services.

Hello Fearless Leader!

Thank you for coming this far.

I’m Christina Sjahli, the dreamer and CEO behind Profit Reimagined™ Inc.  In 2017, I wasn’t happy with the corporate life I had been building for the last 25 years. Something was missing, but I didn’t know what it was. The only thing I knew, there must be a better way of doing business and there should be more women at the top position. With these two ideas, I “reimagined” the new life – and here I am today, doing what I am most passionate about, empowering women to create sustainable wealth so they can contribute to their communities and our world in ways that inspire and surprise them.

I spent 25 years translating companies’ vision into a solid financial growth plan with profit, but it was profit for the shareholders alone. They didn’t care if people suffered and the environment was destroyed as a result. But it didn’t feel right. That’s because I knew deep inside, we need to create sustainable profit for the benefit of ALL stakeholders so the magic of regenerative economy and breaking the poverty cycle in this world can become a reality.

So, I took what I learned along the way and build Profit Reimagined™ Inc. around these four values:

📌Purpose is the heart of everything. Without a strong purpose, you only create profit that serves owners and shareholders. Meanwhile, the other stakeholders (employees, vendors/supply chain, customers, communities, and the planet) are left behind, resulting in disadvantaged situations;
📌Finance isn’t a stand-alone process. It’s a connector between a purpose and business decisions. Every decision you make all comes back to your business’s purpose;
📌What matters is meaningful profit. Not profit at all costs. Not profit that hurts some stakeholders. Profit is personal for every women founder because they control where the profit goes.
📌The world needs more successful women founders. It’s as simple as that. To address gender equality and reduce inequalities we need more women in leadership roles and we need to give these women the tools, support and help to make financial decisions

Nowadays, when I partner with women founders and CEOs who see their business as a tool for affecting necessary change in this world, I am excited to show them how they can amplify their impact while creating meaningful profit. I’m happy our team can become someone they trust so that they can focus on doing what they love. Profit Reimagined is my way of doing what I love – telling the story behind the financial numbers and partner with incredible women who are creating a profitable business model that benefits not only their customers, but also our communities and the planet. That’s also why in 2022 we became a certified B Corporation but that’s another story.

Let’s reimagine how we can come together and demonstrate what’s possible when we choose people and the planet over profit. Feel free to reach out. We love connecting with purposeful women leaders.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us and has joined us on this journey.

P.S. I host a podcast! There’s power in using our voices that’s why we invite impactful women founders to tell their own stories. Hope you get inspired with their journeys.

Christina Sjahli CPA, CA
Founder and CEO of Profit Reimagined™ Inc.
Profit Reimagined™ Inc. is women-owned and women-led.

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