Fractional CFO Services for Women Founders

Scale with Financial Clarity & Impact

Reimagine your business finance and create meaningful profit.

Free yourself from financial complexities and focus on what matters most – leading your mission-driven business.

Achieve Meaningful Profit & Social Impact

Businesses founded and owned by women often struggle to find the right support they need in growing their businesses. Not only in terms of capital, but in terms of having confidence in the financial aspect of their company. We believe finance is a personal matter for each woman founder. We are here to support your journey.

Find Your Financial Fit:
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Empowering Women Founders Focusing on People, Profit and the Planet. You are Crafting a Legacy for a Better World.

Preventive Proactive All-in
Onboarding 8 weeks 12 weeks 16 weeks
Scheduled Strategic and Finance Meetings Up to 3x per month (30 min)  Up to 4x per month (45 min) Up to 5x per month (60 min)
Accounting System Conversion to QuickBooks Online
Transition from Cash Basis to Accrual Accounting
Restructure the Basic Financial Statements for Business Clarity
Day-to-Day Finance and Accounting Management (including 1099)
Month-End Close
Basic Financial Reporting
Basic Financial Analysis and Highlights
Private Slack Channel Access 
Deal with the Tax Accountant for Tax Return Preparation and Filing
Pricing and Cost of Goods Sold/Cost of Service Analysis 
Product/Service Mix-Analysis
Resource Planning Analysis
Key Financial Metrics with Analysis and Explanation 
Annual Financial Planning
Budget to Actual Reporting and Analysis
Monthly Cash Flow Forecasting
Quarterly Financial Planning and Reforecast
Scenario Planning and Analysis
Customized Reports  Up to 2 reports Up to 5 reports
Board of Directors Meeting
Lender and Investor Relationship

Add-On Services:

  • Strategic Advisory Support during financial due diligence for financing or exiting the business.
  • Deal with Financial Audit for the Issuance of Audited Financial Statements.
  • Deal with Tax Expert regarding Sales Taxes or R&D Tax Credit.
  • Deal with the Insurance Broker for Health Benefit and/or Other Insurance.
  • Financial Modeling for a Special Purpose.

Discover if our Fractional CFO Services Are Your Perfect Fit.

How our Fractional CFO Services Empower Changemakers

A Trusted Partner

As a founder and CEO, you have your go-to person – someone you can trust for advice and guidance during both success and challenging situations, ensuring a supportive environment for discussing your finances openly and without judgment.

Improve Cash Flow Management

Slowly but surely, we put an end to cash flow issues based on strategies that are reasonable and align to your values.

Reimagine Profitability

 Guide your company towards sustainable profit and ensure that your mission endures in the long term.

Financial Confidence

Make informed decisions with a deep understanding based on the financial numbers, business performance and what’s aligned with your values.

Develop a Sustainable Growth Plan

A growth plan in accordance to your timeline, not based on what matters to the external stakeholders. We harmonize the financial forecast with your mission for long-term success.

Make Strategic Financial Decisions

Gain expert guidance on investments, funding, and financial modeling tailored to meet the needs of your mission-driven business.

How are our Fractional CFO services different?

We understand how important your mission is and will ensure that we focus on it and back it up with a clear financial strategy that prioritizes both your purpose and profit.

We are

  • Your all-in-one finance team.
  • Licensed international.
  • A support during the ups and downs of your journey.

We will help you

  • Identify challenges and address overlooked operational gaps.
  • Understand the stories your numbers tell.
  • Make confident decisions.

Our style

  • Strategic financial decisions based on your values,  mission and profitability.
  • Proactive approach.
  • Tailored solutions unique to your business.

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We do finances differently

We are using business as a force for good and that’s why we became a B Corp Certified in 2022.