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Women report a steady decline in financial confidence despite rising influence.*

*2019 "Women, Money and Power" study.

We are a women's team in a journey to help change the stats.

Our dream

We are on a journey to build a world where every women founder has the financial literacy to grow their own business.

Here's our approach to sustainable finances

So, why work with Profit Reimagined™ Inc.?

You’re a mission-driven woman entrepreneur.

Your business is here to create a positive impact on 👫 and the 🌎.

So are we.
We are here to make your purpose more profitable by becoming your finance team.

Our formula









1. We have the curiosity to understand how your business operates.

Your business is the vehicle to create a positive impact on people and the planet.


2. We have the expertise to help you leap forward to maximize your vision and purpose.

You’ll be able to focus on what you love instead of dealing with the nitty-gritty details of figuring out your finances. We got you covered.


3. We have the heart to demonstrate empathy and sincerity as we partner, learn and grow with you and your business.

We’ll help you understand the strategic side of financial forecasting, make sense of your numbers, and help you understand the challenges you’re facing.

Christina Sjahli. Founder of Profit Reimagined providing Fractional CFO Services.

Meet our founder

I’m Christina Sjahli, the dreamer and CEO behind Profit Reimagined™ Inc. In 2017, I wasn’t happy with the corporate life I had been building for the last 25 years. Something was missing, but I didn’t know what it was.

The only thing I knew, there must be a better way of doing business and there should be more women at the top position. 

With these two ideas, I “reimagined” the new life – and here I am today, doing what I am most passionate about, empowering women to create sustainable wealth so they can contribute to their communities and our world in ways that inspire and surprise them.

Christina Sjahli, CPA, CA Fractional CFO expert for Women Founders.

Meet our virtual team

We are a virtual team of financial executives working alongside you to help you build sustainable businesses.

Christina Sjahli
CPA, CA Fractional CFO for Women Founders.

Jessica Pavón
Content Strategist 

Letitia Da Silva
Fractional Accounting Manager

Hildegard Ellanita
Senior Accountant

Renee Abrahams
Senior Accountant

We love what we do and care about how we do it.

We believe in business for good, not for the benefit of owners and shareholders alone. Together with you and our partnership with B1G1 and 1% of the Planet, we create a better world for people and the planet.

B1G1 Business for Good and 1% for the planet.

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We donate to teaching financial literacy to family, educating women to have their own business or supporting girls to advance!

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