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From Greenwashing to Green: Why Environmental Sustainability Matters

Media brand Edie defines greenwashing as the act of “making an unsubstantiated or misleading claim about the environmental benefits of a product, service, or company.” It is a marketing tactic used to make a product appear more environmentally friendly than it actually is. It is commonly used in reference to businesses that make claims about their sustainability, carbon footprint, or other environmental impacts that are not backed up by facts and data.

Thankfully, more mission-driven businesses are now choosing to be more transparent about their environmental impact and working towards becoming truly sustainable. In this blog, we look at the negative effects of greenwashing on your company and customers, as well as how your company can become a business for good.

How Greenwashing Can Impact People and Planet

Greenwashing occurs through deceptive marketing and advertising tactics, such as making false claims about a product’s recycled content, energy efficiency, or carbon footprint. It has serious negative impacts on both the company and the customer.

Greenwashing misleads customers and wastes their money. It can foster skepticism and distrust among your clients and reduce their confidence in legitimate mission-driven and ethical businesses. In effect, unsafe and harmful products or services marketed as “green” can damage a company’s reputation and revenue.

It can also cause environmental harm and lead to government regulation or intervention. As a business for good, greenwashing is something you should avoid to truly make a difference in this world.

Why Going Green Can Help Your Business

Greenwashing is detrimental to everyone involved. Many do it for the money but perhaps don’t realize its negative effects in the long run. Thus, it’s critical to be open and honest about your environmental sustainability efforts. Here are some reasons going green can help your mission-driven business.

Reduce carbon footprint

It can help reduce your carbon footprint and help fight climate change. You can implement sustainable practices in your office to help the environment and save money.

Save energy costs

As a business for good, you are always looking for ways to improve your environmental sustainability efforts. One way to do it is to save energy costs whenever possible. You can achieve this by going green.

Increase customer attraction

Environmental awareness has increased throughout the years, and more people are making the effort to be conscious consumers. Genuine efforts in service of environmental sustainability can attract the support of customers as they do their own part in helping Mother Earth.

Better public image

It can help improve your business’s public image and make you a leader in the sustainable business movement. And that’s good for both the people and the planet.

How to Foster Environmental Sustainability

As more and more consumers become concerned with environmental sustainability, businesses are under pressure to shift their practices. However, going green can be a big challenge. Here are some tips to get your social impact business started.

1. Define your mission and goals.

Your mission is the driving force behind your company. It’s what motivates you and your team to keep going, even when things are tough. It’s important that your mission reflects your commitment to environmental sustainability. Start by asking yourself why you want to become more sustainable. What are your goals? Once you clearly understand your mission and goals, you can shift to more environmentally sound business practices.

2. Choose the right partners.

As a purpose-driven business, you often advise your clients on how to become more environmentally sustainable. A key part of this is choosing the right partners to help you achieve your sustainability goals. By working with other ethical businesses, you can be confident that you are taking the necessary steps to become a more environmentally sustainable company.

3. Implement green policies.

Green policies are guidelines or practices that businesses can adopt in order to reduce their environmental impact. These policies can cover a wide range of topics, from energy efficiency to waste reduction.

Besides reducing your environmental impact and increasing your social impact, they can help you save money. For instance, green policies can contribute to employee retention. Similarly, green policies encourage individuals who share your passion for the environment to apply.

4. Educate your employees.

Another step in fostering your company’s environmental sustainability efforts is to educate your employees on its importance. Make sure they understand the concept of sustainability and how it relates to your business and mission. Empower them to be part of the solution by coming up with creative ideas to reduce waste and save energy.

5. Measure your progress.

The best way to find out if your company is making progress towards becoming more environmentally sustainable is to measure it. Measuring progress is important for several reasons:

  • Allows you to track your progress and identify areas for improvement
  • Establishes accountability within the company by holding employees and managers responsible for meeting environmental targets
  • Provides valuable information you can use to communicate your company’s sustainability efforts.

6. Listen to experts.

When it comes to becoming more environmentally sustainable, it pays to listen to the experts. After all, they have the experience and knowledge necessary to provide you with smart choices that will benefit both the environment and your bottom line. They can help you avoid greenwashing and ensure that your company’s environmental practices are truly sustainable.

Empower Your Business by Going Green

As a business owner, you have the power to make your company more sustainable and environmentally friendly. By instilling purpose into your business, you can create lasting positive change that benefits the environment, as well as your financial growth and social impact. There are many ways to go green, so find the approach that works best for you and get started today.

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