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Getting Lean: Reduce Waste and Production Costs through Lean Manufacturing – The Journey of Meliora Cleaning Products (Business for Good Series)

Businesses exist to provide value to customers while earning profit in the process. Until recently, this approach took the form of pursuing profit at all costs. Nowadays, more businesses are committing to incorporating social and environmental objectives into their plans. It is possible for businesses to grow and profit while minimizing adverse impacts on people and the environment. The key is strategic thinking and innovation.

As the founder of Meliora Cleaning Products, Kate knows this well. A company committed to using safe ingredients in its products, Meliora aims to positively impact the planet. In this episode, Kate discussed the approach she takes to ensure that sustainability is included in all aspects of her business operations. She also talks about lean manufacturing and just-in-time inventory as strategies to reduce waste and increase efficiency. Finally, we discuss the importance of knowing your numbers and determining the right time to hire a CFO.

If you want to know what it takes to maintain a profitable and sustainable business with the help of different systems, then tune in to this episode!

3 reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Discover the environmental problem that Meliora addresses. 
  2. Find out what lean manufacturing and just-in-time inventory are and how they can help reduce waste and lower costs.
  3. Learn how Kate implements practices, techniques, and changes to grow a sustainable business and achieve her vision for the company.

Episode Highlights

  • [05:56] Meliora’s Roots
  • [08:37] What Sets Meliora Apart
  • [10:53] The Product Manufacturing Process
  • [13:43] The Cash Flow Planning Process 
  • [16:08] Setting Meliora’s Pricing and Costs
  • [18:00] Making Eco-friendly Decisions
  • [19:20] Understanding Lean Manufacturing
  • [23:21] How to Apply Lean Manufacturing
  • [25:26] The Risks of Just-in-Time Inventory System
  • [27:57] The Importance of Understanding the Supply Chain 
  • [29:51] How Lean Manufacturing Helped While Bootstrapping Meliora 
  • [30:45] Vision For Meliora
  • [32:24] When to Hire a CFO 

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