Beyond Profits MZ Made’s Handwoven Fashion Revolution

In many companies, the main goal is to maximize profits, often overlooking the needs of people and the environment. But that’s neither sustainable nor ethical.  Liz Rojic experienced this in the fashion industry and bravely decided to challenge the norm. With MZ Made, she crafted a business model that prioritizes mutually beneficial relationships for both […]

Giving the Gift of Zero Waste this Holiday Season with Allisha Heidt

In a world filled with plastic and single-use packaging, how can we reduce our impact on the environment?  We often purchase, use, and discard products daily, but the zero-waste movement encourages both consumers and business owners to be more environmentally responsible.This reflects the values that Allisha Heidts aimed to promote when she founded Chickpeace, a […]

Financial Planning for Impact: Living Wage Podcast Series Wrap-up

Every founder has a team behind them, working together to make the whole business successful. If you’re a business owner, you care not only about growing your company but also about your employees’ well-being. This includes making sure they earn a living wage and have the support they need. But to make such a big […]

Boldr: Ethical Innovators in a BPO Industry with Mari Parker

Creating positive change sounds like a good idea — and one effective way to achieve it within your company is by implementing a living wage. However, like any worthwhile endeavor, it requires careful planning. Good intentions are a starting point, but thoughtless action can lead to unintended consequences. In the fourth episode of our Living […]

Turning Fast Fashion into Fair Fashion with Joanna Maiden

At the heart of ethical employment lies our commitment to providing fair compensation to our workers. By fair, we mean more than just meeting the minimum wage. We’re dedicated to offering living wages, enabling our employees to lead financially stable lives, free from undue financial stress. This extends beyond wages; it encompasses essential aspects such […]

Decoding Pay Equity with Maiya Holliday

Success in business is a complex recipe, unique to each company and influenced by various factors. Similarly, the path to fair compensation isn’t a one-size-fits-all equation. While numerous websites provide data on what constitutes a fair living wage, they often fail to consider an individual’s specific needs and circumstances. The question of what truly defines […]

Pay That Matters: The Role of Living Wages with Michelle Murray

Creating meaningful impact as a business is more than just ensuring your customers receive the best services and products. It’s also about creating a positive impact on the lives of your employees and the communities you serve. One powerful way you can achieve this is by embracing the concept of a living wage. This transformative […]

Women of Impact in Business: Highlights From 200 Episodes of Her CEO Journey

As a woman entrepreneur, you have the power to lead a profitable business that makes an impact. You’ll hone your skills, take action and make authentic decisions that will put you on your own path to success. It may be a difficult journey ahead, but fortunately, the stories of successful women in business can guide […]

Why Every Impact Counts – The Journey of Polina Pinchevsky

How do you know if your company is creating the difference it wants to be in the world? There’s a powerful quote by Peter Drucker, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” For a social impact business for whom the mission is paramount, knowing your impact is critical. Enter impact reporting: an impact […]

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