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Boldr: Ethical Innovators in a BPO Industry with Mari Parker

Creating positive change sounds like a good idea — and one effective way to achieve it within your company is by implementing a living wage. However, like any worthwhile endeavor, it requires careful planning. Good intentions are a starting point, but thoughtless action can lead to unintended consequences.

In the fourth episode of our Living Wage series, we delve into Mari Parker’s experiences as the COO of Boldr, where they raised baseline pay to a living wage. We’ve discussed the importance of living wages for ethical business owners; now, let’s explore the implementation process.

Providing a living wage shouldn’t jeopardize your business. In fact, it can enhance your company’s sustainability if integrated effectively. Join us to discover how your business can make this transition.

3 reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  • Create sustainable change in your business that can continue to evolve and meet the challenges of the times.
  • Gain insights into designing an ethical methodology for implementing living wages and new business models.
  • Don’t let setbacks deter you from being a positive force in the world — discover how Boldr used a huge setback as a learning opportunity for the company and its teams.

Episode Highlights

  • [03:13] Mari Parker’s Roundabout Journey
  • [10:27] Why Boldr is a Better BPO
  • [14:41] What You Need for Sustainable Change
  • [20:20] Differentiating Living Wages and Fair Compensation
  • [27:13] Operating with Transparency
  • [33:49] Absorbing the Impact of Change
  • [38:05] How to Implement Living Wages


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