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Role of Lawyers in Building Purpose-Driven Businesses – The Journey of Angie Redecopp

You have your business’s finances in place. Now, what’s next? Believe it or not, scale-up and SME founders often forget the legal aspect of the businesses and this can cause a myriad of problems if not immediately resolved. 

Angie Redecopp discusses the legal aspect of businesses — another commonly forgotten puzzle piece in companies. She shares how purpose-driven founders can influence their legal structures, governance, and contracts with suppliers and investors to include sustainability. 

If you want to learn how to improve a business’s legal aspect toward sustainability, this episode is for you!

3 reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Understand the importance of having a solid legal aspect in purpose-driven businesses.
  2. Learn the basics for starting the legal and sustainability aspect of a business.  
  3. Discover the role of lawyers in progressing a business to become protected and sustainable. 

Episode Highlights

  • [04:25] Angie’s Journey 
  • [06:24] SMEs and Sustainability 
  • [09:33] Role of Legal in Incorporating Sustainability 
  • [12:31] Ensuring Alignment to the Business’s Purpose 
  • [14:24] When to Hire a Board of Directors or Advisors 
  • [15:30] Benefits of Sustainability
  • [17:25] Lawyers in Supply Chain
  • [22:53] Importance of Having Value-Driven Business
  • [25:36] Things to Look Out For in Contracts
  • [29:17] Legal Documents For Incorporating Sustainability
  • [32:51] Starting the Legal Aspect of a Business

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