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How Cultivating Capital is Empowering Businesses to Become More Sustainable – The Journey of Carolina Miranda (B-Corp Series)

What does it take to turn your business into a force for good?

To start, you need to have a powerful mission.

You also need to offer services and products that help people.

And you need to make a profit to affect change.

But that’s not all.

You also need to incorporate sustainability into your business model and practices.

Making your business more sustainable isn’t easy, but it is possible—especially with help.

That’s where sustainability expert and B-corp consultant Carolina Miranda comes in. With her company, she helps businesses take the step from dreaming to action.

In our conversation today, Carolina explains in detail the process of becoming B-corp certified, what the impact assessment means, and how to begin incorporating sustainable practices into your work.

You’ll learn how service-based businesses can rethink their sustainability, what challenges you might face when conducting an impact assessment, and why it’s critical to prioritize profitability.

About my guest:
Carolina Miranda is the founder and CEO of Cultivating Capital, a certified B-corp that helps small businesses implement more sustainable business practices. As an entrepreneur and certified green business, sustainability, and B-corp consultant, Miranda works with business leaders from the ground up to rethink their company practices, prioritize sustainability, and start the journey of becoming B-corp certified. Her company is currently in the process of launching the B Impact Collective, a membership community designed to unite business leaders who are passionate about B-corp certification.

In this episode we talk about:
➤ Why Carolina was drawn to the idea of B-corps (6:01)
➤ How to focus on sustainability in business (9:41)
➤ The best way to become a B-corp (12:53)
➤ How to take advantage of the impact assessment (16:07)
➤ The challenges you might face in assessing your business (19:38)
➤ How service-based businesses can score B-corp points (28:00)
➤ Rethinking your business model and practices (31:56)
➤ How to maintain your B-corp certification (37:00)
➤ Shifting your perspective on business finances (39:44)
➤ Balancing sustainability with profit (45:11)

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