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Growth and Scalability Using the Business Simple™ Method – The Journey of Terri Maxwell

Building a conscious business is different from building a traditional one. Conscious businesses emphasize the personal relationship between the buyers and the company. Traditional marketing techniques, which feel inauthentic, do not work on conscious buyers.

Share on Purpose, Inc., founded by Terri Maxwell, provides the professional needed services to create, launch, and invest in companies with innovative, meaningful solutions. Maxwell is also the founder of Shift/Co — a business growth community for conscious entrepreneurs who want to expand their business success and make the world a better place. Based on Terri’s CEO journey, here are some insights on growth and scalability. 

Episode Highlights

  • [03:37] Terri Maxwell’s Journey
  • [06:32] Running a Traditional Business vs. a Conscious Business
  • [08:30] The Six Phases of Conscious Business Growth
  • [14:15] The Five Toolkits of the Business Simple Method
  • [18:40] Is the Business Simple Method Easy?
  • [35:17] Terri’s Philosophy Entrepreneurship


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