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Better For All Stakeholders: Impact Investing and Investment Cooperatives with Lizette Peña

Early-stage enterprises can establish their businesses how their founders envisioned them in a safe environment with patient finance. In other words, investors are willing to sacrifice short-term gains in exchange for longer-term profit and impact. Their investors become partners in attaining common financial and non-financial goals through investment money, as well as broad networks for marketing and distribution, strategic guidance and mentorship, and later-stage financing, using a patient capital approach to patient capital.

Lizette Peña explains how Kachuwa Impact Fund avoids putting pressure on its partners without requiring excessive development in this episode. She also compares and contrasts the Kachuwa Impact Fund to regular venture capital firms.

If you’re thinking of starting a business or taking an interest in impact investing, then this episode is for you!

Episode Highlights

  • [05:34] Becoming A Director of Kachuwa Impact Fund
  • [07:22] Kachuwa Impact Fund Making Pressureless Partnership Possible
  • [10:26] Finding Investors Who Will Accept Long-Term Return
  • [15:16] What Sets Kachuwa Impact Fund Apart From Other Venture Capital Firms
  • [21:32] What Kachuwa Impact Fund Looks For
  • [25:38] Profitability And Revenue
  • [32:39] Defining Success
  • [40:26] Lizette’s Recommendations on Investing


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