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Someone Somewhere: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty – The Journey of Fatima Alvarez

Rural communities have a simple way of life. Many people living here focus on creating a better life for their families and community. However, they lack opportunities to gain financial stability and move to big cities to support their families. Fortunately, we can change this narrative. Businesses like Someone Somewhere work to create an economic, cultural and social impact on indigenous communities that strive to grow.

In this episode, Fatima Alvarez, the co-founder and Chief Impact Officer of Someone Somewhere, joins us to talk about making an impact in different communities. We explore their business model and how it teaches artisans to improve their craft and lead an organization. Fatima tells the story of empowerment, growth and change within the communities as they take control and become leaders of their lives.

Tune into the conversation to learn more about how business can create opportunities and have a lasting impact on indigenous communities.

3 reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Learn about the four stages for artisans in the Pathway Business Model
  2. Find empowerment as a woman in business to support your family with business
  3. Discover how you can stay profitable and keep up with the competition while making a social impact.

Episode Highlights

  • [03:11] The Roots of Someone Somewhere
  • [12:21] The Pathway Business Model
  • [19:49] Leadership in the Artisan Community
  • [25:21] Empowering Women Artisans
  • [32:10] Making a Profit and an Impact
  • [36:50] Keeping Up With The Competitive Market
  • [42:43] Having a Climate Neutral Certification

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