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The Engagement Collective: Building Happy, Engaged Teams – The Journey of Etienne Morris

How often do you consider your employees’ happiness? Business owners can become engrossed in handling other aspects of their business that they might disregard their people. Your employees are an integral part of your company. Profit depends on client satisfaction, which hinges upon the quality of your products and services. If your employees are unhappy, then the quality will decline — and so will your revenue and customer experience.

In this episode, Etienne Morris discusses the importance of employee engagement and how it helps a company succeed. She shares her insights and actionable steps to keep your employees happy and engaged while increasing revenue. She also suggests metrics that you can use to track employee engagement.

If you want to create an environment conducive to the happiness and engagement of your workforce, this episode is for you!

3 reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Learn the relationship between employee engagement and company success. 
  2. Discover the approaches and programs to nurture employee engagement. 
  3. Find out how to increase and measure employee engagement.

Episode Highlights

  • [05:02] Etienne’s Career Journey 
  • [07:09] The Importance of Employee Engagement 
  • [11:29] Outsourcing and Recruiting 
  • [18:01] Employee Coaching
  • [23:21] Reach, Spark, and Ally
  • [30:19] How to Measure Employee Engagement
  • [32:25] Key Factors in Building a Happy, Engaged Workforce
  • [33:44] The 20% Flow State 

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