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Sustainable Growth: Deebee’s Organics’ Path to International Markets

Dionne Laslo-Baker, the founder and CEO of Deebee’s Organics, is a fellow certified B Corp dedicated to revolutionizing snacks. With a background in medical science and as a mother, she embarked on a mission to provide organic, flavorful, and nutritious snacks for families.

In this episode, Dionne delves into the highs and lows of growing a business from scratch. She offers valuable insights into overcoming regulatory hurdles, embracing cultural diversity, and the pivotal role of advisors in business expansion.

But what truly sets Dionne’s story apart is her unwavering commitment to a purpose-driven culture and sustainable business practices, which has not only propelled Deebee’s Organics to international success but also made a lasting impact on the industry.

Tune in to this episode of Her CEO Journey to discover more about Dionne’s path to building a sustainable global enterprise while staying true to her core values.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • Learn how advisors can influence your business in the long term and where to find the ones you need.
  • Explore the importance of fostering a purpose-driven culture in your business and how it can mitigate risks.
  • Discover strategies for managing your business on a global scale, especially when dealing with foreign markets.

Episode Highlights

  • [02:36] Dionne Laslo-Baker’s CEO Journey
  • [06:42] Creating a Culture
  • [12:14] From Science to Snacks to Scale
  • [16:17] The Critical Role of Advisors in Business
  • [23:12] Focusing on One Market
  • [28:23] Supplier Diversity
  • [34:59] Differing Challenges at Different Levels of Success
  • [38:26] Dionne’s Proudest Moment On Her Impact Journey


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