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Decoding Pay Equity with Maiya Holliday

Success in business is a complex recipe, unique to each company and influenced by various factors. Similarly, the path to fair compensation isn’t a one-size-fits-all equation. While numerous websites provide data on what constitutes a fair living wage, they often fail to consider an individual’s specific needs and circumstances. The question of what truly defines a living wage demands a deep dive into the data.

Our journey into the Living Wage Movement continues as we explore the concept of pay equity. In the second episode of this series, we sit down with Maiya Holliday to understand her innovative approach to ensuring a living wage through pay equity. Unlike a rigid, standardized pay system, Mangrove carefully considers several factors related to each employee’s unique needs and situation.

Discover how, as an employer, you can use the principles of pay equity to ensure that every member of your team receives compensation that empowers them, regardless of their location.

3 reasons why you should listen to the full episode: 

  • Discover how to balance impact, success, sustainability, and a fair living wage within your company through the lens of pay equity.
  • Learn  from the insightful questions that Maiya had to explore and ask when addressing fair compensation in an impact-driven business.
  • Don’t settle for the minimum — find out how your company can ensure a high quality of life for its people while maintaining excellent levels of success.

Episode Highlights

  • [03:17] Maiya’s Journey from Self-Taught Coding to Mangrove
  • [11:44] How Mangrove Fits in the B Corp Framework
  • [15:03] Defining Pay Equity
  • [24:05] How Mangrove Created Pay Equity
  • [38:54] Answering the Question of Fair Pay
  • [44:29]Steps to Building a Sustainable Impact Business


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