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Beyond Borders, Beyond Limits: Patrice Mousseau’s Journey to Global Success.

Patrice’s journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring women entrepreneurs, showcasing the profound impact of blending passion, purpose, and strategic planning to build a successful and meaningful business.

In this episode of Her CEO Journey, our host Christina Sjahli welcomes Patrice Mousseau, founder and CEO of Satya Organics, a company dedicated to creating effective and sustainable skincare products. 

Patrice unfolds her inspiring journey from media personality to entrepreneur, driven by a personal need to find natural remedies for her daughter’s eczema. She delves into Satya Organics’ commitment to social good, building a diverse workforce, and navigating the dynamic world of international expansion.

Key Takeaways:

  • From passion to purpose: Patrice’s  journey underscores how personal experiences can ignite entrepreneurial ventures. 
  • Values-driven business: Satya Organics prioritizes quality, sustainability, and social responsibility, demonstrating that businesses can be profitable while making a positive impact.
  • Building a diverse team: Patrice emphasizes the importance of fostering an inclusive environment that empowers individuals from different backgrounds.
  • Going global: Expanding internationally comes with its own set of challenges, but Patrice believes it can be less daunting than expected by focusing on connecting with advisors and then finding the right partners and aligning with your values.
  • Strategic growth: Patrice’s experience showcases the importance of a balanced and thoughtful approach to financial strategy, utilizing various resources to achieve sustainable growth.

Episode Highlights

  • [04:33] Patrice’s journey from media personality to founder of Satya Organics.
  • [08:14] Cultivating a business culture centered on purpose, values and sustainability.
  • [10:14] Evolution of the product and packaging always at service of community and environment.
  • [14:19] Sourcing simple and high quality is the key.
  • [17:50] Prioritizing opportunities that align with your values while letting go of those that don’t. 
  • [21:32] The crucial role of advisors in business international expansion growth.
  • [24:51] Top recommendation: work on your margin for healthy finances
  • [30:20] Partnering with suppliers that align with the mission and values.
  • [33:10] Patrice’s proudest moment on her impact journey.
  • [36:50] Returning to the community to drive innovation. 


  • To learn more about their products and mission visit Satya Organic’s Instagram   and Website
  • Connect with Patrice Mousseau on LinkedIn 
  • Connect with Christina Sjahli on LinkedIn 
  • Explore Profit Reimagined and discover how you can turn purpose into profit: Website and  LinkedIn

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