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Turning Fast Fashion into Fair Fashion with Joanna Maiden

At the heart of ethical employment lies our commitment to providing fair compensation to our workers. By fair, we mean more than just meeting the minimum wage. We’re dedicated to offering living wages, enabling our employees to lead financially stable lives, free from undue financial stress. This extends beyond wages; it encompasses essential aspects such as healthcare and family well-being. 

But our responsibility as ethical employers doesn’t end when our workers retire from our company. We don’t treat our employees as mere tools, used and then discarded when they no longer directly contribute to profits.

In our ongoing Living Wage series, we delve into two critical aspects: ethical labour practices and pension support for our valued workers. Joining us in the third episode is Joanna Maiden from SOKO Kenya, who shares her journey of establishing an ethical clothing manufacturing company in Kenya. She went beyond addressing labour and wage concerns; she made sure her people were looked after even during challenging financial times.

Join us now on this journey towards ethical employment practices. By doing so, your business can not only thrive financially but also uphold ethical values every step of the way.

3 reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  • Embrace the Courage: Pensions may seem like an additional expense for businesses, but discover why they’re an investment well-deserving of your attention.
  • Unlock Valuable Insights: Explore Joanna’s journey as she navigated the path to guarantee fair compensation for her employees, not just during their employment but even beyond. Sometimes, it starts even before they become part of the team!
  • Sustain the Ethical Revolution: The definition of an ‘ethical employer’ continually evolves as we encounter fresh challenges in the modern working world. Stay informed and be part of the ongoing revolution in ethical employment practices.

Episode Highlights

  • [03:34] The Effect of a Teacher: Joanna’s CEO Journey
  • [09:11] Transparency in the Fashion Industry
  • [12:04] Limiting Consumption — The Hows and Whys
  • [14:19] Addressing Labour Issues in the Fashion Industry
  • [20:14] How to Be an Ethical Employer
  • [37:11] Continued Support for Workers


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