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Spreading Peace with Chocolate, One Piece at a Time – The Journey of Susan Morrison

Peace is something valuable to have in the community. So many people experience having their peaceful lives taken away from them and struggle to rebuild their lives. From war and crime to family and personal matters, our peaceful lives can crumble at any moment. Fortunately, businesses can play a part in promoting peace in the community!

In the second episode of our Christmas series, Susan Morrison joins us to talk about how their business promotes peace. Peace By Chocolate is a business that values peace and aims to share it with the world. Today, they’re successfully working towards promoting peace. Susan tells the story behind the business and why they want to share their message of peace through chocolates. She shares what they do to give back to the community through their business practices and programs.

If you want to learn about the value of peace and how you can give back to the community, tune in to this episode!

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3 reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Listen and learn from the story of the Hadhad Family and why peace is vital for every person or community.
  2. Discover how purpose-oriented branding can make products stand out among others.
  3. Find out how you can give the gift of peace this Christmas season

Episode Highlights

  • [02:40] Susan’s Journey Into the Food Industry
  • [05:30] The Story of the Hadhad Family
  • [08:33] Rebuilding the Business Piece by “Peace”
  • [12:08] What Makes Peace By Chocolate Stand Out 
  • [13:39] The Community Behind the Business
  • [17:42] Giving the Gift of Peace this Holiday Season

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