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Creating An Impactful Pricing Strategy to Support Your Mission and Business with Routine’s Co-Founders

Pricing your product or service while staying true to the causes your business espouses is a challenging task. A strong pricing strategy incorporates a broad range of factors, and the ones you want to focus on will depend entirely on your business values and ethics.

Co-founders and sisters Neige and Pippa Blair established Routine — a company that makes natural products for your face, body, hair, and home. Here are insights on how you can determine your own based on Neige and Pippa’s CEO journey on Routine’s pricing strategy for their products.

Episode Highlights

  • [03:56] Neige and Pippa Blair’s Journey
  • [07:05] From $500 To International Distribution: The Pricing Strategy
  • [12:27] Building Trust With Financial Institutions
  • [17:03] Forward-Looking Planning
  • [19:41] Why Understanding Cash Flow Is Critical
  • [21:04] Routine During Covid
  • [27:44] Balancing Profit And Impact


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