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Weaving a B Corporation: How One Woman’s Bedding Business Became Threads of Success – The Journey of Claire Watkin

Maximizing profits doesn’t have to come at the cost of increased and negative environmental impact. In fact, environmentally friendly companies may find that they reduce costs and increase profit margins when they hit their sustainability goals.

There are many paths to success, but for Claire Watkin, that means doing business different, and doing business better. Claire Watkin is the Managing Director of Trendsetter International, a certified B Corporation that produces high-quality and environmentally friendly bedding products. Claire Watkin and Trendsetter International’s journey to success is a grand journey of constant change and improvement, proving that the key to success lies in adaptability and continual monitoring of your business. They also showcase the benefits of having a strong financial strategy that begins before a financial year rolls around.

Episode Highlights

  • [05:02] Claire Watkin’ CEO Journey
  • [07:48] Becoming a Certified B Corp
  • [11:06] Challenges of Getting B Corp Certification
  • [12:18] Continually Evolving Standards
  • [18:26] Balancing Purpose and Profit


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