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How to Price Your Product or Service for the Future with Abeego’s Founder and CEO

Why compete when you can innovate? Many entrepreneurs drop their prices as low as they can to compete with existing products on the market, but that’s a sure-fire way to lose out. Instead of fighting for a market you don’t even want, take a new angle: what makes your product better? What makes it different? What does your customer want, and what price are they willing to accept? When you price around those ideas, your business will be capable of weathering any economic storm.

In this episode, Christina invites Toni Desrosiers to talk about how an effective pricing strategy can help manage a company’s growth. They also tackle the correct pricing structure for a company looking to do business for good: making a profit is good, but you can make a change too. Finally, Toni highlights the essence of finding the right investors for your business. 

Do you want to know what revenue model is right for your business? Stay tuned to this episode! 

Episode Highlights

  • [03:27] The Journey of Abeego
  • [06:46] Toni’s Bootstrapping Strategies
  • [09:03] Growing Business During Challenging Times
  • [14:33] Racing to the Bottom
  • [17:23] Abeego’s Downsizing
  • [20:55] About SheEO
  • [27:46] Toni’s Key Takeaways from the Dragons’ Den
  • [32:02] Paying Employees More Than a Living Wage
  • [35:03] Generating Profit and Creating Impact
  • [39:30] Increasing Revenue


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