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The Ins and Out of a Venture Capital Fund Part 2 – The Journey of Vonetta Young

There’s a lot to consider with any type of capital funding, and venture capital is no exception. It’s important to know your business and its goals before jumping into any type of funding. Before diving into venture capital, you must first understand its inner workings and the factors affecting it — but most importantly, you need to ascertain if it’s suitable for your business.

This episode’s guest is Vonetta Young, a proud woman of colour and financial advisor who guides persons of colour and women searching for or looking to enter the world of venture capital funding. In this episode of Her CEO Journey, we discuss how venture capital funding works, its expected outcomes, the important factors that affect it, and other funding options you can consider.

If you are interested in learning about venture capital funding and becoming a venture capitalist or getting venture capital backing, then this episode is for you!

Episode Highlights

  • [04:47] How Venture Funding Supports Itself
  • [07:14] Alignment of Incentives
  • [09:44] Operating on Tight Funds
  • [12:00] The Success Rate of a VC Portfolio
  • [15:57] Financial Analysis for Funds
  • [20:58] The Importance of Profitability and Sustainability
  • [28:20] Funding Alternatives
  • [36:02] Vonetta’s Final Advice to Founders


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