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The Right Investment is Key: The Value of Capital for Mission-Driven Business with West Tenth

Many founders often compromise their mission to grow their business. Creating wealth and social impact at the same time is no easy matter. If you’re looking for a way to raise capital while also staying true to your mission, the best way would be to find an investor that’s aligned with your purpose.

In this episode, Lyn Johnson and Sara Sparhawk talk about the gender wealth gap and how they seek to empower women founders. They discuss the pros and cons that their finance background gave them in creating a solid financial model and managing cash flow. Finally, they emphasize the importance of finding the right investors.

If you want to raise or invest in a home-based business, this episode is for you!

Episode Highlights

  • [05:28] Lyn’s Journey
  • [06:33] Sara’s Journey
  • [08:49] The Gender Wealth Gap
  • [10:19] Helping Women Create Wealth
  • [12:45] How West Tenth Started
  • [16:26] Capital Raising Journey
  • [18:41] Criteria for Investors
  • [21:56] How to Balance Business Growth and Mission
  • [26:15] Finance Background and Capital Raising
  • [29:46] Building a Financial Model
  • [34:22] Managing Cash Flow
  • [40:32] Reporting to Investors


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