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Venture Capital For Good: Investing in Social Impact with Lyndsey Boucherle

It can get easy to be swept away by the flow of the market and what other companies in your space are doing. When you see something succeed, it’s natural to want to try it too — after all, you need to get your ROI! But businesses for good are in it for more than just the money: their founders have a purpose. It’s critical to balance finances with making that social impact.

In this episode, Lyndsey Boucherle discusses how Better Ventures invests in companies looking to make a positive change in the world. Unlike typical companies, they aim to uplift everyone, not just shareholders. She explains how they choose the best companies to invest in for their ROI while ensuring that their founders don’t drift away from their purpose. Finally, she also discusses minimizing inequality for women in business.

If you’re thinking of investing in a business, or want to create social impact, then this episode is for you! 

Episode Highlights

  • [05:11] Becoming A Principal Of Better Ventures
  • [08:46] Maximizing Value For All Stakeholders
  • [12:50] Balancing Social Impact Against Growth
  • [20:36] Supporting Women In Business
  • [25:47] What Better Ventures Looks For In A Company
  • [31:59] Lyndsey’s Advice On Building A Business


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