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Be Part of the Climate Solution through Conscious Consumerism – The Journey of Cathryn Peirce

Your spending can change the world. How you spend your money makes a difference. Conscious consumerism, if done by enough people, can make huge leaps toward solving our current climate crisis.

Businesses have the biggest impact on the climate, but consumers are the reasons behind their choices. We speak and vote with our wallets. Business-as-usual practices will persist if they see no benefit to change. Once they see consumers demand sustainability, the rest will follow. 

In this episode, Cathryn Peirce dives into how something as everyday as our credit card transactions can change the world. As the co-founder and CEO of Carbon Zero Financial, she helps consumers realize the carbon footprint of their purchases and start taking action. Join us as Cathryn talks about Carbon Zero Financial’s mission to simplify carbon-neutral living and make it the new standard.

If you want to learn more about reducing your carbon footprint with your purchases, tune in to this episode now!

3 reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Learn how your purchases and transactions can be the solution to climate change. 
  2. Find out how we can change consumption habits towards sustainable alternatives. 
  3. Discover how Carbon Zero Financial works, improve your spending habits and link you to a sustainable marketplace. 

Episode Highlights

  • [02:35] Cathryn’s Journey 
  • [04:16] Behavior Change and Carbon Zero Financial  
  • [05:33] The Power of Your Spend and Carbon Zero Financial 
  • [08:25] Carbon Zero for Small Businesses 
  • [11:22] What is Carbon Sequestration 
  • [14:29] How to Think About Carbon Impact 
  • [15:43] Change is Possible 
  • [18:57] How Carbon Zero Financial Works 
  • [22:54] Cathryn’s Reminder


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