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Grow Your Business and Social Impact with the Right Revenue Model

Driving profit for your business is always tricky. There are so many factors to consider that you might feel overwhelmed or, worse, end up focusing on the wrong thing, both of which can significantly harm your business. Thus, choosing the right revenue model will lay the foundation that’ll secure a future where your business grows alongside your social impact.

In this episode, Christina talks with Tara Spalding about the things you need to consider in choosing your revenue model. They dive deep into metrics, runways and breakevens, pro forma and historical data, and everything else that factors into finding the right model that’ll lead your business toward profitability.

If you want to find the right revenue model for your business, this episode is for you!

3 reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Determine the right revenue model for your business.
  2. Learn how to create and leverage historical data and pro forma.
  3. Discover the metrics that you need to track.

Episode Highlights

  • [03:58] What BoomStartup Does
  • [08:51] Focus on the Customer
  • [12:56] Choose One Business Model
  • [18:19] The Six Elements in Choosing a Business Model
  • [24:28] Revenue Models: What Are Companies Missing?
  • [27:34] Observing Historical Data
  • [30:51] When You Need a Pro Forma
  • [33:10] Hiring People
  • [36:12] Three Key Financial Components
  • [42:42] Growth Correlation
  • [45:25] Runways and Breakeven Points
  • [50:38] Tracking KPIs


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