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Scaling your Business Into Global Markets with Chief Trade Commissioner, Sara Wilshaw.

Navigating the global landscape is crucial for Canadian businesses due to the country’s relatively small population — which means that most of your customers and clients are outside the country.

In this episode, Sara Wilshaw, Chief Trade Commissioner and Assistant Deputy Minister at Global Affairs Canada shares her expertise in guiding local companies towards international success. She sheds light on leveraging the Trade Commissioner Service for market entry beyond Canada.

Whether you’re a Canadian or international company, Sara’s insights in this Her CEO Journey episode offer valuable guidance for those venturing into international business.

Tune in to discover key considerations for companies transitioning from local to global markets.

3 reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  • Gain insights into the role of Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service in supporting international business.
  • Understand what your company needs to know before entering markets abroad.
  • Explore the specific challenges faced by women-owned businesses when operating globally.

Episode Highlights

  • [03:37] Sara Wilshaw’s Journey to Becoming Chief Trade Commissioner
  • [07:34] Taking Businesses to the International Stage
  • [11:16] What the Trade Commissioner Service Does to Support Businesses
  • [15:04] Entering the International Market
  • [18:34] Challenges Women-Owned Businesses Face When Going International
  • [21:01] Going International: A Walkthrough
  • [27:26] Becoming an International Business
  • [28:53] Diversification and Inclusion
  • [34:50] The Story of WaterShed Monitoring


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