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Giving the Gift of Zero Waste this Holiday Season with Allisha Heidt

In a world filled with plastic and single-use packaging, how can we reduce our impact on the environment? 

We often purchase, use, and discard products daily, but the zero-waste movement encourages both consumers and business owners to be more environmentally responsible.This reflects the values that Allisha Heidts aimed to promote when she founded Chickpeace, a zero-waste refillery. 

This holiday season, join our special holiday series on Her CEO Journey to embrace mindful gift-giving. Discover how to embark on your zero-waste journey and integrate these important principles into your business with Allisha. 

From your daily essentials to the gifts you purchase during this season of giving, let’s make more responsible choices that benefit the world. 

Join us in this episode to explore how you can incorporate zero waste and sustainability into your business this upcoming holiday season!

3 reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  • Be inspired by Allisha’s journey and her passion for sustainability and the zero-waste movement.
  • Learn how to bring sustainable values into how you run your business and grow revenue.
  • Become a more responsible and conscious shopper every day, especially this holiday season.

Episode Highlights

  • [03:13] Building a Business With Values: Allisha’s Journey
  • [08:03] Sustainability in the Pandemic: The Beginnings of Chickpeace
  • [12:10] Sustainable Shopping Online
  • [13:50] How Chickpeace Chooses Their Products
  • [16:50] Filling the Gaps in the Community With Chickpeace
  • [21:19] Building a Business That Profits and Cares
  • [26:21] Making the Journey Towards Zero Waste
  • [34:45] Conscious Gift Shopping with Zero Waste
  • [38:05] Allisha’s Proudest Business Moment


  • Use discount code: BCORP15 on the Chickpeace online store
  • Chickpeace
  • Connect with Allisha Heidt: LinkedIn
  • Connect with Christina Sjahli: LinkedIn 
  • Find out about Profit Reimagined: LinkedIn | Website 

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