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Building a Purpose-Driven Brand with Dionne Laslo-Baker

In the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, Dionne Laslo-Baker, the driving force behind Deebee’s Organics, embodies innovation and resilience. Her journey from scientist to entrepreneur highlights strategic growth, mentorship value, and purposeful business impact. Her story offers invaluable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking international expansion.

Dionne Laslo-Baker’s CEO Journey

Dionne’s shift from academia to entrepreneurship was sparked by a drive to make a positive impact and set an example for her children. The inception of Deebee’s Organics, a company dedicated to producing wholesome, organic snacks, was inspired by a simple yet innovative idea from her children. 

Yet, Deebee’s wasn’t merely about offering healthier fare; it also reflected Dionne’s dedication to sustainability and ethical business practices.

The Role of Advisors in Scaling a Business

A pivotal aspect of Dionne’s journey has been surrounding herself with bright minds and advisors. As Deebee’s Organics grew from a startup to a company capturing a significant share of the US market, the need for advisors evolved.

Dionne stresses the importance of having advisors tailored to each stage of business growth, stating, “Who do I need to surround myself with in terms of marketing? There’s everyone coming at you — they want to spend your money. So how do I do it wisely? You really need to be thoughtful in your growth process.”

Foundation Building

Initially, Dionne prioritized mentors with specialized knowledge in launching a food company, highlighting the importance of industry-specific expertise in laying a strong foundation. Advisors played a critical role in navigating the regulatory landscape of the food industry, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements from the start.

Scaling and Expansion

As Deebee’s Organics grew, Dionne emphasized the need to adapt advisors to meet the company’s evolving needs, such as scaling operations, financial planning, and entering new markets. Advisors experienced in international markets provided guidance as Deebee’s Organics ventured into the U.S., offering insights into legal, cultural, and logistical challenges.

Financial Management and Fundraising

Finance experts aided Deebee’s Organics in navigating the complexities of capital raising, investment management, and ensuring sustainable financial growth. They also contributed to optimizing operational costs and identifying efficiencies, crucial for maintaining profitability during expansion.

Operational Excellence

Operational mentors helped refine the supply chain and production processes, ensuring that Deebee’s Organics could meet growing demand without compromising quality. Advisors specializing in technology and product development guided the company in innovating its product line and adopting efficient manufacturing technologies.

Market Strategy and Consumer Insights

Deebee’s Organics enlisted seasoned marketing experts to enhance its market position, offering insights into consumer behavior, branding strategies, and effective communication methods to engage target audiences.

Experts in competitive analysis offered valuable insights into the competitive landscape, helping Deebee’s Organics identify opportunities for differentiation and advising on strategic positioning.

Cultural and Ethical Alignment

As Deebee’s Organics expanded, mentors ensured that growth strategies aligned with the company’s core values and purpose-driven mission, preserving the culture that had been a key to its success. 

Advisors with expertise in ethical business and sustainability helped the company navigate decisions that affected social and environmental impact, reinforcing its commitment to being a force for good.

Their ethics and values encompass who they are deep inside: “This is everything we are, we don’t use it as a marketing. It’s never been about that. For me. It’s been about: who are you in your soul?”

Advisory Board Evolution

Dionne’s strategy included assembling an advisory board that reflected a range of expertise, perspectives, and experiences, ensuring comprehensive guidance across all aspects of the business. Regular board reviews and updates ensured alignment with growth stages and strategic goals, optimizing the advisory board’s relevance and effectiveness.

The Challenges and Rewards of International Expansion

Taking Deebee’s Organics into the US market marked a major achievement, requiring strategic planning, legal compliance, and adapting to new consumer preferences.

Challenges of International Expansion

However, new markets can be wholly unfamiliar to people in business:

  • Navigating unfamiliar regulatory environments
  • Cultural and consumer differences
  • Supply chain complexity
  • Financial risks
  • Brand recognition
  • Finding the right partners and mentors
  • Product localization
  • Market saturation and competition

Rewards of International Expansion

Dionne’s approach to international expansion was methodical, emphasizing the need for thorough market research, understanding the financial implications, and leveraging support from trade commissioners and export development organizations. However, international expansion was more than worth it:

  • Access to new markets
  • Global brand recognition
  • Diversification of business risk
  • Utilize economies of scale
  • Enhanced competitive advantage
  • Cultural insights and diversity
  • Sustainability and impact

Diversifying the Supply Chain

One question Dionne likes to use regarding risk is: “How are we doing in our market share in the market we’re in?” The ever-increasing globalization of the world means an increased interconnectedness — a crisis in one country can affect the markets in another — but ultimately the market in which you do your business is the most important.

Cultivating a Purpose-Driven Culture

Dionne’s vision for Deebee’s Organics extends beyond profit margins. She has fostered a company culture anchored in authenticity, inclusivity, and social responsibility. Achieving B Corp certification was a natural step for Deebee’s Organics, reflecting its alignment with sustainable business practices and commitment to making a positive impact on society and the environment.

The Power of Diverse and Inclusive Supply Chains

Deebee’s Organics’ journey also sheds light on the significance of supplier diversity. Dionne advocates for incorporating diversity into the supply chain and internal culture, recognizing the value it brings to the business and the broader community.

This commitment to diversity and inclusion has opened doors to new opportunities and helped differentiate Deebee’s Organics in the competitive marketplace. As Dianne herself puts it: “I’m trying whenever and however I can to incorporate that diversity into our supply chain, as well as within our own culture. We’re always looking at how can we do better as a diverse group of people”

Lessons for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Dionne Laslo-Baker’s entrepreneurial journey with Deebee’s Organics offers this critical point about the world: “I think that we’re still in the world of things evolving and growing very, very quickly,” along with several other key takeaways:

  • The importance of adapting advisory support as your business grows.
  • The value of purpose-driven business models in achieving long-term success.
  • The complexities of international expansion and the need for meticulous planning and support.
  • The significance of cultivating a company culture that embraces diversity, inclusivity, and social responsibility.
  • The impact of resilience, perseverance, and a supportive network in overcoming the challenges of entrepreneurship.

Dionne Laslo-Baker’s journey is a testament to the power of vision, adaptability, and ethical leadership in building a successful, globally recognized brand. Her experiences serve as a roadmap for entrepreneurs seeking to make a meaningful impact through their businesses, highlighting the importance of thoughtful growth, strategic planning, and a commitment to core values.


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