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Global Growth Simplified: Taking Your Business International with Patrice Mousseau

Are you stuck with the idea that going internationally is too challenging for your business? 

Patrice Mousseau, founder and CEO of Satya Organics proves it differently! 

Patrice, the driving force behind Satya products, leads a successful woman-led business and shows us how it’s possible to create meaningful products that align with your deepest values. 

Patrice, born and raised in Sioux Lookout, is a proud member of the Anishinaabe community from Fort William First Nation. From broadcasting to building a brand that empowers both people and the planet, she is an inspiration for anyone who wants to turn their passion into a purpose-driven business that goes beyond borders.  

Get ready to be wowed!

From Service Calling to Purpose-Driven Mission: The Beginning of a Business Journey

Patrice’s drive to make a positive impact wasn’t born overnight.  It ignited during her time in social services, where she witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by underprivileged communities. “There was a moment,” Patrice recalls during our interview, “when I realized I wanted to do more than just manage systems. I wanted to create real solutions that empowered people to thrive.” This burning desire ultimately led her to blaze a new trail: entrepreneurship.

Satya Organics: A Business that Speaks Truth

The name “Satya” isn’t just a pretty label; it’s the very essence of Satya Organics.  Derived from Sanskrit, it translates to “higher truth,” reflecting the company’s unwavering commitment to honesty, integrity, and authenticity.  

“For us,” Patrice explains with passion, “Satya represents a different kind of success, one where financial goals intertwine with creating a positive impact on the world.”

Patrice shows with her experience that when clear intention and values are consciously part of the foundation of your business and when actions taken are coherent with this work ethics then growth happens in all directions.  

This is how “truth” is at the heart of this great business story.

At Satya Organics Sustainability and Social Responsibility Meet

At Satya Organics, sustainability isn’t just a passing trend; it’s the foundation for everything they do.   

They’ve achieved plastic neutrality, a feat that has significantly reduced their environmental footprint. But their commitment doesn’t end there. Their dedication is further solidified by their carbon neutrality certifications, a testament to their commitment to a healthier planet.

Mousseau’s dedication to environmental sustainability shines through in her pursuit of certifications like plastic neutrality and carbon neutrality. She explains her decision to offset plastic use by partnering with organizations like the Plastic Bank, ensuring that her business minimizes its environmental footprint. 

Additionally, she discusses the evolution of Satya’s packaging and product offerings, always prioritizing solutions that align with her values of sustainability and social responsibility.

While minimizing their environmental impact is crucial, Satya Organics understands the importance of social responsibility. That’s why they actively champion the Indigenous community through strategic partnerships and initiatives. These collaborations create opportunities for Indigenous entrepreneurs and artisans, fostering economic growth and preserving their rich cultural heritage.  

Imagine the impact – with every Satya Organics product you purchase, you’re not just nourishing your body, you’re nurturing a vibrant community.

Innovation Fueled by Values

At the heart of Satya Organics’ success lies their unwavering commitment to high-quality, organic ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. Over the years, they’ve continuously evolved their product line, keeping simplicity, effectiveness, and sustainability at the forefront. “From formulation to packaging,” Patrice beams, “we prioritize practices that benefit both you and the planet.” 

Figure 1: Satya’s simple ingredients from @satyaorganic

Global Expansion with a Conscience

There are a number of challenges and opportunities of expanding a business internationally, particularly for women-owned businesses. 

For Patrice, taking Satya to export products hasn’t been challenging at all. In her own words “I think we, as women, we tend to, say, (exporting) it’s just not for me. Like it’s- it’s too much, whatever. But honestly, Canada has set up such an amazing system to help us to export”.  

Patrice shares her experience of unexpectedly entering the international market through connections made at a trade show and emphasizes the support available in Canada for businesses looking to export.  

She highlights organizations like Export Development Canada and the Trade Commission, which provide assistance and resources for businesses venturing into international markets. Additionally, she mentions the CanEx grant, which helps offset costs associated with exporting.

As Satya Organics reaches new heights, Patrice remains grounded in her core values.  She gracefully rejects partnerships that don’t align with their mission, a powerful message for aspiring entrepreneurs. “Growth is exciting,” Patrice advises thoughtfully, “but staying true to what matters most is paramount.  We only choose partners who share our commitment to ethical practices.”   

Patrice shares the challenges of securing funding and her decision to turn down investment offers after appearing on Dragon’s Den. She stresses the importance of finding partners who align with your values and mission, even if it means rejecting lucrative offers.

Navigating Profitability: Insights from Patrice

While Patrice’s top financial advice touches on the importance of maintaining healthy profit margins. 

A simple and smart approach I recommend as a fractional CFO is to keep track of these healthy profit margins is the “top line” and “bottom line”. These are common financial planning terms that serve as compass points for decision-making, performance assessment, and assessing a company’s overall financial well-being. 

These foundational metrics offer insight into an organization’s revenue and profitability, playing a crucial role in evaluating financial performance, predicting growth opportunities, and guiding strategic decisions in a competitive business landscape. If you feel interested to know more about the calculation methods and implications for your business I recommend you read this article.

To truly understand your business’s profitability, it’s essential to go beyond basic profit calculations and analyze margin ratios, also known as profitability ratios. These ratios, derived from your income statement, include Gross Profit, Operating Profit, and Net Profit. By converting these figures into ratios, you gain a more nuanced understanding of your company’s financial health and efficiency. 

Ratios provide a clearer picture of profitability and allow for more accurate analysis compared to raw dollar amounts. This article can help you understand in detail how to measure your business profitability by running margin ratios.

Last but not least we have to keep in mind inflation can deplete your profit. Nevertheless, with effective strategies, entrepreneurs can safeguard their profits and consciously cultivate growth. 

Despite the challenges posed by escalating costs, the current economic landscape offers abundant opportunities for enterprising business owners. In this article you will find ideas to protect your profit.  

Beyond Profit

For Patrice, success is far more than just numbers on a spreadsheet.  It’s about empowering others, as she shares: “That’s really what business is about. It’s about having relationships with people, not like, you know, scratch mine, scratch yours. But build your community, about people who are as passionate about what you’re doing as you are.”

Patrice is all about impacting the community, including her daughter, and inspiring a generation of female entrepreneurs to create positive change. Her excitement for the future is palpable as she discusses their upcoming partnership with Simon Fraser University’s innovation lab.   

This collaboration aimed at revolutionizing product sampling and empowering Indigenous communities to manufacture their own products.

Join the Movement

Patrice Mousseau’s journey is a beacon of hope, a testimonial to the transformative power of purpose-driven business.  

She has built an international brand that not only offers high-quality products but also empowers communities and fosters a healthier planet.

As you embark on your own entrepreneurial adventure, remember Patrice’s story.  Let your mission guide your decisions, cultivate meaningful partnerships, and never stop innovating for a brighter future.  

Together, we can create a world where success is measured not just by profits, but by the positive impact we leave behind.  

Begin Your Journey Today!

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