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Pay That Matters: The Role of Living Wages with Michelle Murray

Creating meaningful impact as a business is more than just ensuring your customers receive the best services and products. It’s also about creating a positive impact on the lives of your employees and the communities you serve.

One powerful way you can achieve this is by embracing the concept of a living wage. This transformative approach ensures that individuals can lead healthy lives, with access to basic needs like shelter and nutritious food. No longer will anyone struggle to make a living; a living wage paves the way for dignity and stability.

Our journey into the Living Wage Movement begins here. We delve into what it truly means to implement a living wage and the profound effects it can have on your team. Joining us is Michelle Murray, the CEO of Living Wage For Us, in this inaugural episode.

Michelle’s insights shed light on the attainability of a living wage, dispelling any daunting myths. As time progresses, the benefits of this endeavor can become a reality for all.

We firmly believe that a life of dignity should be the norm, not the exception. Gain a deeper understanding of the living wage as we explore its impact and consider becoming a part of this movement.

3 reasons why you won’t want to miss the full episode:

  • Transform your business, empower your employees, and uplift your community by embracing the living wage standard.
  • Don’t be daunted. Michelle guides you through the steps to initiate a living wage culture within your business.
  • Find out how financial planning is crucial in your journey towards having a living wage.

Episode Highlights

  • [03:19] Michelle’s Winding Journey Towards Living Wage
  • [11:56] Defining Living Wage
  • [17:29] Steps Towards Achieving a Living Wage
  • [20:55] The Best Time to Start the Journey
  • [23:00] The Benefits of Living Wage
  • [26:44] The Gaps in the Living Wage Movement
  • [34:16] How Living Wage Contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals
  • [41:43] The Importance of Financial Planning in Achieving a Living Wage
  • [46:14] Working with Living Wage For US


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