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Pushing Boundaries as a Woman of Colour and Empowering Women Entrepreneurs with Financial Knowledge – The Journey of Stacey Martin (Equity Crowdfunding Series)

Growing a company goes beyond passion and creativity. Women of colour, in particular, are at a disadvantage when it comes to raising capital, especially in Toronto, Canada. Pushing boundaries means having confidence in your vision and understanding of financial numbers to provide investors with concrete answers about funding.

Your financial numbers are not your enemy. By switching this mindset, you can push boundaries, empower, and pave the way for future minority leaders and entrepreneurs.

In this episode, Stacey Martin introduces her fashion brand, Stacey Martin Lifestyle. She shares her journey from building a business to growing it through equity crowdfunding. Stacey also shares the value of understanding your financial numbers. As a Black woman in the fashion industry, she understands that she’s at a disadvantage. Despite this, she acknowledges that her purpose is bigger than herself and persists in pushing boundaries.

If you’re an entrepreneur or investor of a business for good who wants to know more about pushing boundaries, then this episode is for you!

3 reasons why you should listen to the full episode:
1.  Gain valuable insights from how Stacey is growing her business through equity crowdfunding.
2.  Learn the importance of understanding the financials behind the company and hiring a dedicated CFO.
3.  Discover how Stacey is pushing boundaries in the fashion industry as a woman of colour.

Episode Highlights
➤   [08:07]
 Stacey Martin on Building Her Brand
➤   [10:21] Why Stacey Needed to Rebrand Her Business
➤   [11:52] The Biggest Challenges Stacey Experienced When She Started
➤   [12:40] Using Her Background as a Performer to Become a Better Entrepreneur
➤   [16:17] Sustainability and Ethical Practices for Stacey Martin Lifestyle
➤   [17:37] Why Stacey Chose Equity Crowdfunding
➤   [19:28] How Stacey Will Use the Funds
➤   [21:08] Future Plans for Financing, Expanding, and Exit
➤   [24:16] How Stacey Understands Financial Numbers
➤   [28:15] The Benefits of Understanding Financial Numbers and Hiring a CFO
➤   [35:10] Looking Back
➤   [38:56] The Effect of COVID-19 on Stacey’s Business
➤   [41:05] Stacey’s Equity Crowdfunding Journey

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