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Cash Flow Forecasting and Management Series: Debunking the Misconceptions Around Cash Flow vs. Profit

Positive cash flow at the end of a cycle isn’t always a good thing. When you study your business, there are many terms that people like to throw around which can get mixed up. One common example is cash flow vs profit. These two terms sound similar, but in truth, tell very different stories about your finances.
In this episode, we kickstart our new podcast series, Cash Flow Forecasting and Management Series. We define clearly the difference between profit and cash flow and why it’s vital to understand both terms. We also discuss what it means to be profitable versus having a healthy cash flow. We’ll delve deep into cash flow concepts using cloud-based forecasting software, entrepreneur and CFO perspectives.
Do you want to know how to tie down cash flow and profit together smartly? Tune in to this episode to learn more!
Episode Highlights:
  • [02:08] What Is Profit?
  • [02:39] Why Profitability Is Important
  • [03:44] Profit Is Not About Cash
  • [05:54] What Is Cash Flow?
  • [06:51] Positive Cash Flow vs Profit in Businesses
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