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Build Your Business Reputation: Learn How to Protect Intellectual Property and Use IP Strategies with Cassandra Derham (Intellectual Properties Series)

Intellectual property allows founders and CEOs to have a firm hold of their business ideas and trade secrets. You may not realize it, but these intellectual assets hold intrinsic value. They help keep you competitive and innovative in an ever-changing market. That’s why it’s important to protect these assets with an IP strategy.

Cassandra Derham joins us in this episode for an insightful chat on this matter. We learn the six strategic pillars of IP and examples of their uses. Next, we find out their importance and how we can apply these pillars to small businesses. Finally, Cassandra identifies some ways you can explore to use your IP assets for financing.

Tune in to learn more about how to protect and leverage IP so you can scale your business!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Learn about the six pillars of IP strategy.
  2. Discover how to protect your intellectual property, specifically, how to establish your know-how.
  3. Find out how to create an IP strategy that will help sustain your business and increase benefits in the long run.

Episode Highlights

  • [05:22] Cassandra’s Journey
  • [06:25] What is Intellectual Property?
  • [08:30] How to Protect Intellectual Property with a Strategy
  • [17:12] On Trade Secrets
  • [19:03] Know-Hows as Intellectual Property
  • [20:47] Obtaining a Trademark
  • [23:20] How to Protect Intellectual Property for Small Businesses
  • [27:45] More Tips on How to Protect Intellectual Property
  • [30:59] On Patent-Pending and Due Diligence
  • [34:57] On Exit Strategies
  • [36:14] IP-Backed Financing and How It Works
  • [39:58] Cassandra’s Advice on Creating IP Strategies
  • [41:11] Common Mistakes When Learning How to Protect Intellectual Property

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