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Building an Ethical Outsourcing Business – The Journey of Michelle Hirons

The demand for outsourced expertise is rising. Whether you’re a new, smaller business looking to grow or a bigger company that needs specialized expertise, outsourcing can be a significant tool in your company’s kit.

Outsourcing is a potent tool for addressing these concerns and can help grow your team in ways that will positively impact the business’s profitability and sustainability. The key to effective outsourcing is creating a financial strategy that fully uses your outsourced team’s abilities.

Michelle Hirons is the founder of HigherRing, a certified B corporation that provides savvy U.S.-based outsourced operational support to companies needing expert human resources. Its mission is to be a catalyst for a more sustainable business world. Based on Michelle’s CEO journey, here are some insights on growing a profitable and sustainable business through outsourcing.

Episode Highlights

  • [04:10] Michelle Hiron’s CEO Journey
  • [07:28] Incorporating B Corp Certification Values within Your Team
  • [11:42] How to Manage a Virtual Team Effectively
  • [14:28] Walking Clients through the Process of Outsourcing
  • [17:33] How to Help Clients Manage a Virtual Team Effectively
  • [19:13] Hiring Roles for a Growing Business
  • [20:58] Strategies for Outsourcing Pricing
  • [22:59] Different Outsourcing Models


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