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Raising Capital with FrontFundr: Due Diligence, Managing Finances, and Putting the Numbers Together – The Journey of Jaime McNally (Equity Crowdfunding Series)

As mission-driven women entrepreneurs, we know our companies inside and out. But do we know everything we need for growth? How much is your business worth? Can you really do everything alone? Do you have all the data you need?

In this episode, FrontFundr’s Jaime McNally joins us to share the processes FrontFundr’s Venture team executes to help companies raise capital. She also discusses the role and importance of valuing a business in equity crowdfunding. We also touch on the best practices in managing finances and data and the process of raising capital through convertible debt.

Tune in to the episode to learn how to learn the best practices for achieving growth!

3 reasons why you should listen to the full episode:
1.  Learn the role of valuing a business in raising capital.
2.  Find out some of the best practices for business growth.
3.  Identify the best deal structure and common struggles ventures experience when raising capital and how to deal with them.

Episode Highlights
➤   [02:55] 
Explaining key terminologies
➤   [04:15] Why knowing your business’s worth is important
➤   [05:26] Three processes to implement to determine the value of your business
➤   [07:26] How FrontFundr works
➤   [08:56] The benefits and risks involved in equity crowdfunding
➤   [09:54] Handling business finances with your CFO
➤   [11:03] Industries FrontFundr works with
➤   [11:37] The Due Diligence Processes
➤   [13:48] Where valuing a business comes in
➤   [16:43] Raising capital through convertible debt and/or hybrid financing with FrontFundr
➤   [18:10] Common struggles with ventures when raising capital
➤   [19:46] From equity crowdfunding to initial public offering (IPO)

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