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Create Your Financial Story Before Raising Capital – The Journey of Vivian Riley (Equity Crowdfunding Series)

Do you know where your business is going in a few years? Answering this question is crucial in equity crowdfunding and any capital raising. It’s not enough to know the past story (bookkeeping) and comply to pay your taxes every year. Financial forecasts are vital to show your investors that your vision is profitable and sustainable. But here’s the tricky part: it’s dynamic. You need to consistently update your numbers and adapt to an ever-changing business environment.

In this episode, Vivian Riley talks about her preparations before raising capital with equity crowdfunding. She notes that having solid financial records, forward-looking view and marketing strategies helped her build her network of investors. We now have more opportunities and options when raising funds, and it’s important that we’re prepared every step of the way.

If you want to be ready to raise funds for your business, this episode is for you!

3 reasons why you should listen to the full episode:
1.  Learn the benefits of hybrid financing that includes equity crowdfunding.
2.  Discover how historical data, financial forecasts, and consistent reviews can help you prepare to raise capital.
3.  Understand that investors need to be confident in both you and the business.

Episode Highlights
➤   [07:09] 
Vivian’s Experience and Business
➤   [14:47] Building Your Recurring Revenue
➤   [18:28] Hybrid Business Financing and Equity Crowdfunding
➤   [24:00] What to Do Before Raising Capital
➤   [28:47] How to Build Reasonable Financial Forecasts
➤   [31:19] Key Steps to Investor Relationships
➤   [33:13] Helpful Tools for Business Finance
➤   [39:33] Team Dynamics and Management in Times of Crisis
➤   [47:42] Vivian’s Advice on When and How to Raise Capital
➤   [49:57] Benefits of Creating Early Momentum and Strong Financials in Equity Crowdfunding

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