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Special Purpose Vehicles and You: Navigating the Legalities Surrounding SPVs – The Journey of McCall Harris

There are lots of benefits to using a special purpose vehicle or SPV to raise capital. However, you undermine these advantages if you don’t familiarize yourself with its legal aspects. Handling legal affairs may be intimidating, but it is a necessary aspect of any business venture. If you want to utilize the full potential of an SPV, you need to know how to navigate its legalities.

In this episode, McCall Harris talks about the legal processes involved with SPVs. She also explains from a legal standpoint why it is a favourable alternative to venture capital funds. In addition, McCall talks about the steps involved in creating and dissolving an SPV. Finally, she provides details behind the legal documents essential in these processes.

If you are a mission-driven founder who wants to try SPVs for your business, this episode is for you!

3 reasons why you should listen to the full episode: 

  1. Understand the step-by-step process of creating an SPV.
  2. Learn the documents you need for an SPV.
  3. Find out more about dissolving an SPV, whether in a successful or unsuccessful exit.

Episode Highlights

  • [05:24] Being a Lawyer and Specializing in SPV
  • [07:43] What Is a Special Purpose Vehicle?
  • [12:09] The Four-Step Process of Creating an SPV
  • [13:47] Benefits of SPVs
  • [15:29] Why Does a Cleaner Cap Table Matter?
  • [17:50] Legal Documents You Need to Know
  • [21:37] Drafting an Operating Agreement
  • [26:01] The Terms Included in an Operating Agreement
  • [28:03] Legal Aspects of Successful Business Exits
  • [34:42] Unsuccessful Business Exits
  • [38:44] Other Considerations

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