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What Grow Ensemble Learns in Becoming a B-Corp – The Journey of Annie Bright and Cory Ames (B-Corp Series)

What qualities do you need to make a difference in the world?

Obviously, you need passion, motivation, and persistence, but you also need something else.


To make a true impact with your business, you have to be prepared to adapt your mission and goals.

That’s what Cory Ames and Annie Bright did with their company, Grow Ensemble.

What started as a digital marketing agency for businesses turned into a global community dedicated to social and environmental change.

In our conversation today, we talk about how Cory and Annie built and adapted their business and why they’re so passionate about sustainability.

Along the way, you’ll gather insight on the challenges of becoming a B-corp certified business when your business is at a start-up stage and learn why it’s important to choose your customers and strategic partners with care.

About my guests:
Cory Ames is the CEO and co-founder of Grow Ensemble, a company that shares resources and sustainable solutions for environmental and social causes. Annie Bright is the co-founder and director of partnerships at Grow Ensemble. With backgrounds in digital marketing and law, respectively, Cory and Annie have built Grow Ensemble into a global community of individuals and businesses eager to sustainable solutions to major problems. They have a podcast, blog, partnership program, and directory of impact-driven businesses to support.

In this episode we talk about:
➤ How Annie became interested in immigration and supporting refugees (5:48)
➤ How Cory learned about the B-Corp community (7:11)
➤ How Grow Ensemble evolved from digital marketing services to impact solutions (10:02)
➤ The process of preparing to become a B-Corp (12:01)
➤ Managing your finances as an aspiring B-Corp (15:52)
➤ How Annie and Cory choose the people they work with (17:55)
➤ Balancing profit and impact (22:04)

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Connect with Annie and Cory:
➤ Website
➤ Annie Bright’s Linkedin
➤ Cory Ames’ Linkedin
➤ Exclusive offer from Grow Ensemble
➤ Certified B-Corporation
➤ The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals


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