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Creating Successful Marketing Campaign to Raise Capital – The Journey of Trieste Reading (Equity Crowdfunding Series)

As frustrating as it may seem, the reality is women business founders are significantly underfunded compared to male founders. Equity crowdfunding helps build community and excitement around a business.

In this episode of Her CEO Journey, Trieste Reading talks about effective marketing for equity crowdfunding. She introduces FrontFundr, a platform you can use to raise capital for your mission-driven business. She also talks about creating a great pitch deck to attract investors.

If you’re a woman with a vision, aiming to create an effective market campaign for equity crowdfunding, then this episode is for you!

3 reasons why you should listen to the full episode:
1.  Learn about FrontFundr as an online platform you can use to campaign for your business and raise capital.
2.  Discover the critical marketing pillars for raising capital.
3.  Know about the importance of a target capital raise as a predictor of a successful campaign.

Episode Highlights
➤   [07:08] 
How Trieste’s journey with FrontFundr Started
➤   [10:35] How to get over risky investments
➤   [14:22] How the funding landscape changed in the past year
➤   [16:44] How FrontFundr helps in marketing your business
➤   [19:32] What steps to take next
➤   [22:42] Which companies can raise capital with FrontFundr?
➤   [25:49] Customer vs. investor acquisition
➤   [26:48] Easy and hard industries in raising capital
➤   [29:37] FrontFundr’s role in raising capital
➤   [30:15] Marketing pillars to raise capital
➤   [33:45] The minimum following needed
➤   [36:57] Successful vs. unsuccessful campaigns
➤   [42:44] Creating a great pitch deck
➤   [46:08] Advice on marketing for equity crowdfunding for women founders

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