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Her CFO Tips: 4 Steps in Planning Your Debt Financing Repayment and Achieving Long-Term Profitability

Many mission-driven women founders fear having debt in their business. However, when done right, taking on debt financing is actually a great way to grow and expand your business. One way to conquer your fear of going into debt financing is to plan your steps before you even approach a lender. In particular, it would benefit you to have a debt and interest repayment plan in place. Through this, you know what to expect in your business’s financials.

In this solo episode, I’ll show you how to think like a CFO when crafting your debt and interest repayment plan. We’ll dive deep into the financial questions that you need to ask yourself. Our end goal is to create a realistic financial forecast that determines whether or not debt financing is suitable for your business.

So tune in to know more about how you can think like a CFO so that you can plan smartly for the growth and profitability of your business!

Episode Highlights:

  • [00:00] Why You Should Plan for Debt Repayment Before Going into Debt Financing
  • [02:16] Think Like a CFO Step #1: Create a Debt Schedule
  • [03:15] Think Like a CFO Step #2: Review Historical Financial Results
  • [05:29] Think Like a CFO Step #3: Clearly Identify the Assumption to Build the Forecast
  • [06:51] Think Like a CFO Step #4: Create the Forecast
  • [08:02] CFO Services that Will Help You Go Through Debt Financing

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