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Women of Impact in Business: Highlights From 200 Episodes of Her CEO Journey

As a woman entrepreneur, you have the power to lead a profitable business that makes an impact. You’ll hone your skills, take action and make authentic decisions that will put you on your own path to success. It may be a difficult journey ahead, but fortunately, the stories of successful women in business can guide your way. Take inspiration from the trailblazers who show you the possibilities of changing the world as a woman business owner.

Her CEO Journey Podcast tells these stories that inspire people on their own CEO journeys. In this episode, we celebrate 200 episodes of smart tips and exceptional guests on the show. Each episode shows you that it’s possible to make a profit and make an impact at the same time. We look back at these interviews that truly inspired listeners and left us with new learnings and hope for a better world built by women in business.

What’s your favourite episode? Join us in celebrating 200 episodes of women empowering women here on Her CEO Journey!

3 reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  • Remember what it means to grow slowly and build a business in Kresse Wesling’s journey.
  • Help create opportunities and empower other communities as a business owner with Fatima Alvarez
  • Listen again to Masami Sato’s journey of helping businesses all around the world make an impact together.

Episode Highlights

  • [00:04] Celebrating 200 Episodes of Her CEO Journey
  • [01:48] Episode Highlight: The Journey of Kresse Wesling
  • [05:40] Episode Highlight: The Journey of Fatima Alvarez
  • [11:30] Episode Highlight: The Journey of Masami Sato


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