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Steward Ownership: The Perpetual Trust Model – The Journey of Natalie Reitman-White

As a mission-driven founder, you want to make sure that the mission and purpose of your business do not get lost over time. After all, you want your business for good to provide excellent products or services to your customers for years to come. Luckily, there are different ownership models you can explore.

Alternative ownership or steward ownership is a concept that can help ensure that your company’s decision-making processes are in line with your mission. You can also ensure independence. In this episode, we’ll be exploring the perpetual purpose trust model with Natalie Reitman-White. Learn how the perpetual purpose trust can stock ownership and transfer it to a trust with a well-defined mission. Find out why this model allows you to share the profits and returns not only with your shareholders but also with your stakeholders. Finally, identify the considerations you’ll need to transition to the trust model in your business.

If you want to make sure your business stays on track for its purpose no matter what, then this episode is for you!

Episode Highlights

  • [05:55] Natalie’s Journey
  • [09:28] Organically Grown Company’s Growth
  • [11:52] The Perpetual Purpose Trust Model
  • [17:13] How the Trust Model Works
  • [21:38] Balanced Stakeholder Representation
  • [22:45] How Shareholders Come In
  • [27:34] Investors in the Trust Model
  • [29:59] How Conventional Business Models Work
  • [33:13] Other Stewardship Models
  • [36:15] The Golden Share Model
  • [39:45] How Purpose Should Drive the Company
  • [44:21] Transition to  the Trust Model
  • [51:46] Changes in the Legal Structure
  • [53:24] Finding Investors to Support the Transition
  • [59:16] How to Look for Investors and Lenders
  • [1:04:05] Know Your Purpose

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