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The Circular Approach: Decreasing Plastic Waste with a Sustainable Business — The Journey of Plaine Products (Business for Good Series)

All businesses begin with a purpose. Purpose serves as the heart of your business. Your business and the decisions you make should always reflect that purpose. Thus, it significantly impacts the entirety of your business — from the materials you choose for your products to the financial decisions you need to make.

For Lindsey and Alison, their purpose of providing an environment-friendly alternative to plastic bottles and their desire to reduce their carbon footprint forms the core of their company, Plaine Products. They kept their goal in mind from start to finish, and you can see it reflected in all of their business decisions.

Tune in to the episode for an insightful discussion on creating long-term profit and supporting your business with alternative financing. In this activity, you will gain a clearer perspective on making decisions that will benefit your purpose and profits.

3 reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. You will find out how much plastic waste has been damaging our planet and how we can make a difference.
  2. Learn how to face the challenges of innovating and financing your product, from research to development.
  3. Take inspiration from Lindsey and Alison’s business journey — from scaling a sustainable business to providing solutions!

Episode Highlights

  • [05:57] The Beginning of Plaine Products
  • [09:31] The Issues Plaine Products Addresses
  • [10:13] Lindsey’s Blind Side
  • [11:34] What Was Going on Before the Launch
  • [13:27] The Biggest Challenge During Research Phase
  • [14:23] The Beginning of a Sustainable Business
  • [18:39] Managing Finances During Research
  • [21:17] Challenges in Terms of Innovation, Product, and Process
  • [24:24] Step-By-Step Processes in Scaling
  • [25:35] Keeping a Sustainable Pace
  • [27:28] Why a Loan and Not Investors?
  • [28:50] The Structure of Debt Financing
  • [30:46] Vision for Plaine Products
  • [31:32] Metrics to Measure Progress
  • [32:08] Going Global
  • [32:32] When Your Business Needs a Part-Time CFO
  • [34:45] Their Advice for Women Founders

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