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Determining What Financial Management Tools Are Best For Your Business – The Journey of Barb Easter

Transparency is the key to growth. Without transparency, you don’t know your data — and even if you have data, you won’t know if it’s significant. Without analyzing your data, you can’t streamline or optimize your business, and sometimes might even land in legal trouble later on. What financial management needs and benefits from is a CFO to handle your finances, and the right tools to be effective.

In this episode, Barb Easter, Director of Client Success at Dryrun, joins us to discuss CFO services and Dryrun. She shares the features of Dryrun and dissects what financial management and forecasting do for business growth. Lastly, Barb imparts her years of experience working with business owners.

Episode Highlights:

[04:03] Barb’s Journey: Education to Marketing and Finance

[07:15] What Is Dryrun?

[09:11]  What Financial Management and CFOs Can Do

[13:36] When to Contract CFO Services

[15:37] Recurring Problems of Businesses

[21:11] How Dryrun Improves Financial Management

[25:34] Dryrun’s Features

[34:06] What You Can Do With Dry Run

[39:53] Dryrun for Communication

[43:15] Using Dryrun Effectively

[47:29] The Challenge of Tackling Finances

[49:58] Barb’s Closing Words of Wisdom


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