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Growing Your Business with IP-Backed Financing – The Journey of Lally Rementilla (Intellectual Properties Series)

Many companies don’t realize the value of their intellectual property. Leveraging assets, such as an IP portfolio, is necessary for scaling businesses for growth. These days, venture capital investors, like BDC Capital, open opportunities for companies to receive IP-backed financing.

In this episode of Her CEO Journey™, Lally Rementilla joins us to explain how IP-backed financing can scale your business. She also shares with us how her company provides financial support to businesses through their processes of valuation of IP portfolios.

Tune in to learn how IP-backed financing can help grow your business!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Find out about the different types of IP-backed financing for intellectual property protection.
  2. Learn about the valuation process and how to create an IP portfolio.
  3. Determine the key factors in acquiring financing deals, protecting your intellectual properties and assets, and earning patents.

Episode Highlights

  • [05:51] Lally’s Journey
  • [09:15] Joining Quantius and BDC Capital
  • [12:30] Deploying Funds
  • [14:37] Attracting Foreign Companies
  • [15:38] Defining Intellectual Property
  • [17:14] Debunking Misconceptions on Intellectual Property Protection
  • [19:31] BDC on Expanding Their IP-Backed Financing
  • [21:05] Providing IP-Backed Financing
  • [24:55] The Three Methods of Valuing Assets
  • [29:22] Preparing for IP-Backed Financing Funds
  • [31:42] Doing a Scenario Analysis
  • [35:33] Creating an IP Portfolio and Strategy
  • [37:36] Other Factors That Influence Debt Financing
  • [41:14] On Reporting Requirements
  • [43:35] Structuring a Financing Agreement
  • [46:42] Other Financing Costs to Consider
  • [48:59] How Long Does IP-Backed Financing Take?
  • [53:26] Blazing the Trail for IP-Backed Financing

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