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Integrating Anti-Oppressive Pay in Compensation Structure – The Journey of Kate Dixon

With the proliferation of social justice across various platforms worldwide, many businesses are now attempting to implement pay equity in their compensation structures. However, as a business owner, you have more options than simply implementing pay equity plans for your employees. Instead, consider incorporating anti-oppressive pay into your framework for determining employee compensation.

Kate Dixon established Dixon Consulting, a certified B corporation on leadership development and total rewards consultancy. They specialize in compensation solutions, service pricing advice and salary negotiation coaching. Here are some insights on compensation structures with an anti-oppressive framework based on Kate’s CEO journey.

Episode Highlights

  • [04:11] Kate Dixon’s CEO Journey
  • [06:09] Differentiating Anti-oppressive Pay From Equity Pay
  • [08:35] How to Start Adopting Anti-oppressive Pay
  • [10:54] Strategies in Implementing Anti-oppressive Pay in Compensation Structures
  • [29:13] Understanding What Transparency Means
  • [30:34] Balancing Compensation Structures and Profitability


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