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How a B-Corp Marketing Agency Builds a Better Future – The Journey of Kim Fuller (B-Corp Series)

Business owners are told we can’t have it all.

You can’t give back and increase your profits.

You can’t devote your attention to your customers and take good care of your employees.

You can’t have a socially-driven business that actually makes good money.



The truth is: your business can do it all. You can be a force for good and still grow your profits.

All it takes is a little extra strategy and dedication.

No one knows that better than Kim Fuller, a social entrepreneur who made it her mission to work exclusively with clients who are making a positive difference in the world.

In our chat today, Kim talks about her journey as a business owner, how she infuses social impact into every aspect of her work, and what it took to improve her company’s revenue by 175%.

You’ll learn the importance of creating a bottom-up budget, why it’s crucial to get your team inspired by your goals, and what it takes to become B-corp certified.

About my guest:
Kim Fuller is the founder and CEO of Phil, a Montreal-based marketing agency that specializes in serving non-profit organizations. Kim got her start in advertising as a graphic designer, then eventually got the entrepreneurial bug and opened her own agency. Over the past 20 years, Kim has doubled her team, tripled her company profits, and become B-corp certified. Through her company work, Kim and her team are dedicated to five critical UN sustainable development goals: health and well-being, quality education, gender equality, reducing inequalities, and climate action.

In this episode we talk about:
➤ How Kim started her agency (6:17)
➤ How to advertise social impact businesses (10:41)
➤ The challenges of getting certified as a B-corp (16:03)
➤ What Kim learned about business financing and growth (21:05)
➤ Working with a B-corp bank versus a traditional bank (25:16)
➤ How to incorporate social impact into your financial projections (29:13)
➤ Aligning your finances with ambitious goals (32:33)
➤ Choosing a UN sustainable development goal (34:12)
➤ Kim’s advice for entrepreneurs who want to become B-corp certified (41:47)

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Connect with Kim:
➤ Website
➤ Linkedin
➤ Certified B-Corporation
➤ The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals


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