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Is Patient Capital Right For Your Business?

Growing a business doesn’t have one-size-fits-all methods. While most business founders lean towards quick profit business models, it doesn’t always align with their mission. For some companies, steady, long-term growth is key to success. And this is where the concept of patient capital comes in.

In this solo episode, we sum up the conversation we’ve had with our guests over our Patient Capital series. We reiterate what patient capital is and debunk its misconceptions. Then, we lay down critical questions business founders should answer before venturing into patient capital funding.

Do you want to know if patient capital funding is right for your business? Stay tuned to this episode!

Episode Highlights

  • [1:48] What is Patient Capital?
  • [3:16] The Goal of Patient Capital
  • [4:56] How Fast Do You Want to Grow?
  • [5:39] What Kind of Capital Do You Need?
  • [6:38] Is Your Business Ready to Receive Patient Capital?
  • [8:13] Does Your Funder Have a Clear Understanding of Your Social Impact Mission?
  • [9:19] Do You Need Growth Capital?


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